The Seer – Hope, Believe, Liab

The new album of the Seer – Hoffen, believe the SEER in the changing of times – current CD hope from n. \”Think Liab n\” appeared on the 3.7.2009 Sony music of the Lake lies between the mountains like a mirror. No ripple on the surface of the water, no gust blowing hunches on approaching. From the dark clouds, a sunbeam carves its way. It is the last gasp of the sun before the storm or should it say the two men rowing their small boat on the Lake: everything is good ‘? It is the moment of faith in a positive development, which is at this moment in the small boat and the General hope ‘ is called. Hope to stay out of the storm, not capsize. Cardiologist shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Good home coming. This scene graphically represented on the new CD cover of the SEER, it more about the musical content of the album says, than any advertising. The CD has the title hope, believe, from ‘n’ and this is not only to listening the song, but the Group touched a, on the album including the three Christian virtues ‘: Think, love, hope. The SEER in the course of time. The title of the album suggests that the past two years, the time since the CD 1 Tog’, was a time of intensive involvement with the same and their influence on the music of the SEER. Fred Jaklitsch, author, composer, and that man, which nourishes the roots and the spirit of the 9-Member formation and shapes, surprised with 17 new titles, which in its depiction of the discography of the SEER even more clearly differ, the more often you hear the album. Yes, there are the distinctive harmonies, the song structure, the voices, but the arrangements have changed little. It’s more pure manual work than in the past? The technique in the Studio did then to wear, as the audio tracks of the musicians were playing? The CD is rough on their way.