Travel Tip Kamchatka, online specialist for the East, Kamchatka offers many interesting trips to Kamchatka… is the Russian Pacific peninsula, which is closer to Seattle when their population is located near Moscow, to large parts consists of brown bear, which is studded with crystal clear lakes and is dominated by 29 active volcanoes. Only since 1990 is stranger the almost untapped region accessible and is a true paradise for mountaineers, hikers and anglers. Outside the capital, there are barely passable roads. Mostly Petropavlovsk serves merely as a stopover for the onward journey to actual destinations and attractions of the hauntingly beautiful wild nature lovers. The Valley of geysers, UNESCO World Heritage since 1996, is accessible only by helicopter. The countless hot water fountains are a breathtaking natural spectacle, they reach but a height of up to 40 meters., online specialist for the East, offers many interesting trips to Kamchatka travel under / kamtschatka_reisen.php Tip: travel No. 64 – natural wonders of Kamchatka reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 64.