Women’s Health

Breast, fibroid, cervical erosion, and various inflammatory processes, abnormal menopause, premenstrual tension syndrome – this is not a complete list of pathologies with which many women face. For a large part of them, the only way out of difficult situation was the surgeon's knife. Yes, and it is clear when it comes to life and death is the only chance. But until a sharp flare-up, for a long time body were just some functional abnormalities caused by hormonal disorders. For example, a disease, incidentally, is very common as breast. After all, before the disease became tangible in a seal in the chest or the site in the breast, which is not seen simply impossible, it declared itself a feeling of discomfort or mild, hazy pain. Quite often, these ailments are "tied" to a certain phase menstrual cycle. Female body is designed so that a woman's health is determined by the state of the endocrine glands.

Violation of production of female sex hormones is the basis of many pathological conditions of women organism. Often, innocuous functional disorders are the cause of severe pathology, which leads a woman in the hospital ward and the operating table. When you first visit a doctor, as a rule, nothing significant is not. Well, then? And then – as always, the old, famous, nabivshemu nauseam scenario. A doctor finds something, the other after a while, says that everything is in order … The time between order goes on and on, different people provide a variety of directions. A state of limbo continues.

The attending physician offers salve for breast (standing in the way, good money). A neighbor, carried away by "healthy lifestyle" offers "full cleansing "of the whole body using kerosene enema, a friend insists on corrupt and evil eye, and with gusto" flooded "about the unique psychic after the session, which all resolve. But no one really can not to say what the reason for this state. And such a state lasts as long as the breast does not show up the "usual, normal tumor." Well even if this turns out to be benign tumors. Such a scenario familiar to many women. Back to the beginning of our history. All of these adventures would be avoided, in time taking up preventive hormonal disorders. It turns out that for normal female sexual sphere is important as amount produced by sex hormones (primarily estrogen) and rhythmic release of hormones into the blood. Violation of this physiological pulse rhythm is the basis for the development of many gynecological diseases. Breast, fibroid, cervical erosion, and various inflammatory processes, pathological climacteric syndrome, premenstrual tension – for all these diseases are questions of normalization of the pulse rhythm are very important, if not paramount. For the prevention of mastitis and other pathological conditions can recommend balm "Alpine flavor." Balm for Women "Alpine flavor" is the product, which is required in the first place. The fact that the composition of this product is Pantohematogen derived from the blood of the Altai female deer. Pantohematogen a substance having a regulatory effect on female genitalia, has no side effects that are inherent in substitution and hormone therapy. Pantohematogen normalizes pulse secretion in the body and returns the natural physiological rhythm, with no inhibits its own production of hormones.