IE that contempt is a sin because every time we sin we do is STOP THE REIGN CONTEMPT God first and then to OUR PARTNER, OR WHAT GOD HAS PROVIDED FOR U.S.. WHEN YOUR PARTNER YOU ONLY CONTEMPT SHOWN AS A FOOL. Proverbs 11, 12: "He who is void of wisdom despises his neighbor: but a wise man is silent. "However, the opposite of contempt is to assess, evaluate, give honor to honor. Certainly the will of God is that better give honor to him and to appreciate, value and give honor to our partner. 1Tesalonisenses 4, 4: "each one of you should learn to control his own body in holiness and honor …" To have his wife in holiness, you need to make her feel loved, respected, listen, think first about her that in yourself, give importance to their opinions, give quality time to say beautiful things, be faithful and so many other things, for not doing so is to expose you and expose her to sin. Having her in honor is to give this honor every day, take it into an important seat in his life, after God. 1 Peter 3, 7: "Likewise, you husbands, are comprehensive in their married lives, treating each one to his wife with respect, and that as a woman is more delicate, and both are heirs of the gracious gift of life. So nothing will hinder your prayers. " A God does not like you walk around every so often ignores the people that He loves, for whom He died and one of them is precisely their spouse.

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