Total Yes

And we write the songs even more still. In addition We work together as before with the same production team. The sound of Wonderwall is not set for me, so I basically already like to sound like it, but am also always have to try something new. It must be just authentic and must be feeling. You answer ELa, unlike music, performances and the show business approach than in 2002, when Wonderwall became meteoric pop heaven? eLa: Mmmh not so easy to say. So, in some things I guess, to learn from experience and mistakes one has made. I also notice that I then often say things the girls or explain that I had previously also not otherwise made or thought. I am also very happy about the fresh wind that they with get, because they can simply much more excited about so many things and are still so excited, that is. In terms of the music and just performances, we play live now only three, which is also new for me. We had at that time a backing band, there could one easier let’s make mistakes and the audience has not noticed it now where we play only three, I’m already excited, but also proud that we three can sound. I also play bass for the first time: to sing, was not so easy at the beginning. Expect what should the audience at Star magic”by you? Jackson: eLa already said we play of course live. We are both well-known songs such as in April, or just play more, but also new songs that will appear on the new album. A mixed bag. What are you performing at Star magic? Jana: Star magic is something our first little tour for us, more or less. We are already very excited. Also we are of course pleased on the Fireworks, which is impressively determined. I was always a huge fan of fireworks. May star magic the starting shot for you personally, to access once again to the stars in the sky of pop? Jackson: Yes of course. But first and foremost we are pleased simply to beautiful appearances and Much fun! Do you also like to like Fireworks? PA: Total Yes! Fireworks of makes one again become the child, I think. You look up and can forget everything else for a moment. What fascinates you about Fireworks? Jana: It is Yes, if it is so arranged, like a work of art. Amazing what you can do. There is a commonality between Fireworks and your music? Jackson: Yes, I think so a Fireworks touches the Viewer as well as music can do that. I get whatever creeps in Fireworks, that would be nice of course when we reach the public with our music. Will you see the firework competition? All: Of course!

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