New York City

The most important part of the "code" Mark called a conscious orientation of the person wanting to change their lives for specific solutions, rather than experiencing its own problems. A leading source for info: cardiologist. "Each of us must have some problems: personal, financial, professional, I am absolutely convinced that the earth is not a man who at least once did not have to face them. I'll give you one comparison. Let's imagine a huge array of awesome problems that currently confront us, in the form of a mythical giant Goliath. Do you remember what happened to him? Just one fine stone's throw took David to his overthrow. What you want? I call this effect magnifying glass: each of us has to focus on any one specific problem, solve it, and then to proceed to the next. Anu Saad gathered all the information. Often the impact of one well-defined problem falleth down Goliath. " But there are circumstances which seem to us a real tragedy. What could be instructive in this case than the personal story? And Mark Hansen recalls the most dramatic part of his biography. Up to twenty-six years he was engaged in New York City construction engineer building structures, manufactured from petroleum products, Mark was one of the principal executives of the company. When, in connection with the famous Arab oil embargo, Crude oil prices rose strongly in the price, his company is completely ruined. Mark has publicly declared bankrupt. These were the most difficult times in life Hansen, his physical and mental condition was terrible, he felt a complete loser and for some time trying to escape their problems, instead of trying to solve them.

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