IMeal Basic Information

Just in time for lunch we want to introduce us a short company presentation by you: the new and unique platform for food orders, delivery, take away and restaurant reservations today, 1 12 2010 at noon after a months trial in real operation went on! I ai meal mi: l as iPod or iPhone. has currently 798 partners who offer 74.616 courts in 73 cities as many as no one else in the country in all Austria. From the simple pizza suppliers to upscale restaurants delicacies we have everything in the program that desires the taste of delicacies. In the spirit of the inventor, nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time is arrived! Founder Michael Gazda to iMeal had the idea while studying economics at the European business school of London. The 27 year-old Viennese entrepreneur living in London, is convinced that the time for a complete platform for online food ordering and online reservations has come in Austria as well. The aim is iMeal customer from Austria to Europe and most user-friendly platform for food delivery and restaurant reservations to make and be the brand”, explains Michael Gazda his ambitions for the future. Follow others, such as Peter A. Levine PhD, and add to your knowledge base. IMeal unique exceptional service makes this: its online customers within seconds tells whether the orders were accepted by the partner restaurants and when the ordered food delivered. Online table reservation: is also unique in Austria of the service for online reservations. On, table reservations can be made at 583 restaurants. This service is available in the whole Austria via phone at 059 068 466 possible. The hungry don’t stand a chance! At the same time with our launch, we distribute in the day centre JOSI”for the homeless the first 100 pizzas in our Christmas action. Learn more about this with Camden Treatment Associates New Jersey. In the advent season delivers for homeless totaling 1000 pizzas. We may invite you to the appointment on 8 December at 19: 00 in the crypt. There is rapid-star Steffen Hofmann 200 pizzas by iMeal give to homeless people. Editorial support we would be happy.

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