Child Needs

Running in the kids’ store and looking at baby things or exploring online retailers of children’s goods, we are just amazed. Children’s things, but mainly products for babies are very attractive, that immediately want their All purchase. But financial constraints forced us to think, what children need to acquire things at once, but what then? To get started on products for babies. First of all, my mother is obliged to think about healthy babies. For this she needs to buy good baby clothes for baby. Optimal list of child items should be: – Three pairs of tights or sliders on the elastic band; – five suits – 2 closed blouse – four cap – three pairs of bootees or socks; – four undershirts; – six diapers and six ordinary flannelette; – ten bibs for feeding; – five towels – a sealed envelope to the first time this is enough. Clothing Baby reasonably acquire at wholesale prices. Retail price will go to purchase children’s things, required a single copy. For example, a collection of bottles and pacifiers. Dummy best buy silicone instead of latex. Check with Joint Commission to learn more. Latex nipples are rapidly losing form and accumulate bacteria. There is a possibility that a latex allergy in children appears. Need to direct attention to the fact that for each year made her nipples with a certain number holes. If a child is one month, the hole is one, if two, then two holes should be. Pacifiers orthodontic necessarily have to be. They copy the outlines of his mother’s breast, and do not distort the shape of the mouth. Bottles Babies better to buy a wide neck. Mother so it will be much better to pour the feed. Now, tell what toys will be required for the first time, the kid will miss some rattles. Young parents obliged to observe that rattles were made from a special environmentally friendly material and did not cause allergies in children. Children’s clothes for children till 3 years also have their own specifics. In the very first thing to do consider that in this age, children all the time from moms. The child is forming an image of the mother. Since all the childhood stuff gets mostly female, then this point can be used to reinforce the positive image in consciousness of the baby. It so happens that the kid makes urged to buy, for example, a certain thing in the store. Young mother sees that these clothes are made of a fabric is not too good, besides, her baby is allergic to this material. It should be explained to the kid, for whatever reason, this thing would not like to take. Or offer an alternative – see what else is in store children’s products. While you walk around the store finds another kid clothes that he likes, switches, and a new thing, perhaps, enjoy it and my mother. In any case, you need to praise the child for a good selection of things.

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