Sauna Sauna

Seems to be you need to know about my experience in building saunas, which have always dreamed of. Everything should be systematic, and in the beginning it was just a set of required elements: consider the installation of furnaces, heating, ventilation, The selected oven, pick up a quality chimney. And all this has its own characteristics. Thought everything would not be that difficult. In these matters, you need experience and at least some basic knowledge. And it takes time. So, as I at one time prospectors, want to help, share information, which earned by experience, required much time and effort. Not everything is complicated as it seemed before. If you help, I'll be happy. I think all of it makes no sense from the very beginning go, a lot of information can also interfere. I will try to reveal as the main points – Sauna-dream, it is possible. – Furnace, quality suitable for you oven-stove. Features and functionality in different furnaces. At first it seems difficult: the power, the working volume, mass, stones, fuel, etc. Helped me a lot here to pick up my stove. Virtually all chewed. Thank you, highly recommend. – Room. Once count on a maximum of their friends. Will be uncomfortable to be standing all in a sauna! Believe me, your sauna will make you popular and add wishes from your friends to see often. – Chimneys – component of the furnace, directly affects the operation of the furnace. Just need qualitatively pick up under the relevant characteristics of the furnace chimney. Develop technologies and materials have different than before. Helped me a lot here to choose the right under my stove chimney. Recommend. – Individuality Your sauna depends on how creative you are suitable for all details and nuances. The entire process – it's fun. – Work through the ventilation system in a sauna. This is a pretty important question. Many difficulties may arise therefore recommend to solve some moments with the specialists. I was helped here to organize the ventilation system and select equipment. – Go with a creative streak to the choice of accessories for your sauna. Correctly selected cooperage is the soul of the sauna. I have this caused a great pleasure. – Furniture, general interior. It is very important, just the functionality we can not do. It would be desirable mood. This is your key to try. – Swimming pool, font or even a shower. It all depends on your funds. But without the sauna just can not. I stopped at the font. When the plunge into the whole inside story, you understand the general idea, it will look like in the end, just want to quickly make it happen. Was happy to help, success.

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