The Elevator

I live next to the harpooner My building has elevator revealing Place To the times deceptive, frightful, comprometedor, challenging, frequentado for worker, entregador, zombador. Without fan, burning. It does not have purificador, that stench. In the wall, the annunciator, the telephone of the administrator. Suddenly that horror, Everything was dark the elevator stopped. You it was from fear to have assaulting, Clamou to the preacher who prayed Mr. Criador Who came a liberating one soon. Soon if the caretaker heard, To inform that soon the consertador would arrive, to repair the defects in the house of the machines and the engine. The technician did not come, the building was wing. He was then that he appeared curious, a tempting one, with seductive air With a lantern and air of examiner, was revealing and as plaintiff pointed the prevaricador to have off the interruptor. Reason for which, the elevator stopped.

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