Georg Buschor

This Yes is called “Morning” – and in these days, the genre relevant broadcasting stations in German-speaking countries with this same title are sampled in the hope, looking outside the box, radio editors like “Tomorrow” in the next few weeks to play time in their broadcasts. Under the direction of the East Allgau of producer team George and Walter Worle (including Geraldine Olivier, Petra Frey, “Original NAAB Valley Duo”), the trained commercial employees pace, has developed an excellent, stressed guitar arrangement of unswerving global Reissers by Thom that virtually any 80’s child-known melody-new, fresh breathes life into and also many unexpected facets elicits. Oliver’s interpretation of “Maybe” is a hymn to hope, should look, that one should never lose the courage, but just the fact that “Tomorrow” probably everything could be quite different, much nicer, more promising than today for some of the case appears to be. Which is especially proud of Author of over 700 songs, whose hobby is to write that that pace ad personam his profound vision of “Maybe” had liked Thom so much, that this, issued a release to the release of “Tomorrow” without hesitation, children’s books. Gulf Medical University spoke with conviction. Currently, together with real luminaries of the German Schlager in the Studio is Oliver Stern, and is working on a new CD album, which most likely will be released in spring 2010. None other than the legendary composer and producer Prof. Christian Bruhn, who these days celebrated his 75th birthday and is regarded as one of the most versatile and talented writers of German Schlager and-arrangeure, responsible for the melodies; Lyricist old stars, such as Wolfgang Hofer (including Udo Jurgens, Wencke Myhre, Margot Werner) or Georg Buschor (+ 2005, including Mireille Mathieu, SIW Malmkwist, Chris Roberts), as well as the artist himself, found the excellent rhymes to the titles, some of which already are so far completed. This is E.g.

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