Matthias Schweighofer

Cult film focuses on cult car: ZWEIOHRKuKEN with Coupe classic 230 CE Stuttgart – the young classics by Mercedes-Benz are becoming increasingly popular and now also the screen capture. “In the new film ZWEIOHRKuKEN by Til Schweiger, as a sequel to the romantic comedy Keinohrhasen” starts on December 3, 2009 in German cinemas, is the Coupe Mercedes-Benz 230 CE from the 1980s. It is owned by the former Boulevard reporter Ludo (Til Schweiger) and his great love Anna (Nora Tschirner) driven. The young classic 230 CE is an ideal cast for this film. Ludo and Anna, both as a kindergarten are now working, want to afford a safe and reliable used cars, and but not sacrifice style and comfort”, says Anders Sundt Jensen, head of brand communication Mercedes-Benz cars. Thus the two represent. exactly the target group that we want to address our new segment Mercedes-Benz Young Classics” Mercedes-Benz accompanied the theatrical release of ZWEIOHRKuKEN with different Marketing measures. John Craig Venter is actively involved in the matter. The demand continuously for the young classics by Mercedes-Benz from the years 1970 to about 1990 years especially in the 21 to 50 years. Therefore, the premium automotive brand classic store in the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart has opened the first Mercedes-Benz Young in March 2009. Here can afford their dream car buyers, finance, rent and even insure. The offer includes an industry unique variety of young timers in top condition and with 12 months used car warranty. Supplying with original spare parts is ensured at all times. For more information see classic. Zweiohrkuken “topic island in the young classic store the legendary Coupe 230 CE of the series 123, which was built from 1980-1985, receives just in time for the theatrical release not only a prominent place of honor in the new young classic store in the Mercedes-Benz Museum, but also in the Mercedes-Benz Gallery in Berlin and the Mercedes-Benz branch in Munich.” On a topic ZWEIOHRKuKEN island it is each used film in scene. In parallel, the official ZWEIOHRKuKEN merchandising articles are available here. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz calls two ear chicks all Automobile fans since November 20, 2009 under, to tell their personal experiences Coupe or an other young classic, such as childhood or holiday memories with the Mercedes-Benz. The best stories and photos will be put online. In addition to the classic 230 CE, also the new E-class in the film has a role. It is served by Matthias Schweighofer, who plays the photographer Moritz. Matthias Schweighofer brings the fascination that comes with the star as well as young classics of current vehicles, the spectators on the Internet during a ride in a C123 Coupe 280 CE to the original locations of the film closer. The interview will be from November 23, 2009 on zweiohrkuken.

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