International Congress

1st International Congress of Bauhaus.SOLAR in the new federal States the photovoltaic industry already is now one of the fastest growing industries. In the so-called “Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland” cooperate 27 solar companies and 12 research institutes from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The joint cross-border initiative aims to offer within the next five to seven years at the German consumer of solar power for the same prices as conventional electricity. In the last year alone, 18 percent of all worldwide produced solar cells in the region of central Germany were made according to BSW solar. This accounts for nearly 90 percent of German production. Over 200 experts to discuss possibilities and conditions a solar architecture and urban planning, meeting end November in Erfurt at the 1st International Congress “Bauhaus.SOLAR”. Together with partners from the science and the State of Thuringia, the Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar wants to initiate a multi-disciplinary dialogue, of the areas of technology, design and Environmental protection brings together. “We need a more intensive dialogue between the solar industry, architects, engineers, builders and city planners, so that the building with the Sun is to the electricity producers. In this way can be millions aesthetically appealing and emission-free electricity generated and limiting global warming”, says Hubert Aulich, Chairman of the Board of the Erfurt PV Crystalox solar. At the two-day Conference (25 and November 26, 2008), experts show how little energy is needed to comfortably live and work. It plays a key role in the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. On an accompanying exhibition, companies will present innovative building materials and technologies. The Bauhaus-Universitat in shows, current work on renewable energy sources in architecture. You can find more information, as well as the programme of the Conference see Ronny Ruhmann, Messe Erfurt AG

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