The participant citizens had shown that it has a good knowledge on the affection, however knowledge never is of more and always aid. Graph 10: Percentage of how many of the participant citizens they will go to look for to know more on the Affection. When answering a question to know if the participant citizens would go to look for to know more on the affection or if they found that the knowledge was useless, 92,1% had answered that they would go to look for to know more, however the waited one would be that all had will of looked therefore to the affection therefore this are each time more affecting people in the entire world. Consideraes Final: This article had as objective to point the knowledge degree on the Affection it enters the academics of the College San Francisco de Barreiras, as well as verifying the attitudes of the searched ones ahead of a case of Affection in the familiar seio and pointing the capacity to recognize the symptoms of Affection for the searched academics, being had been therefore alcanados.comprovando that the academics have a basic knowledge, that they will know to behave itself ahead of a case of Affection in the familiar seio and that they will be able to help other people. One had many positive points, well we were received by all, thus getting the attention of the searched ones. One sends regards to work the subject more Affection for the fact of that this illness acomete people in the whole world, having necessity of lectures to acquire knowledge all the population.

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