The Cabildo

Vice-president Primero: President of the Congress of the Nation, Vice-president Second: President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Prof. Dr. Antonio Fretes. Vice-president Tercero: Minister of the National Secretariat of Culture, Dr. Ticio Escobar. Executive secretary? Chief of a main directorate of the Cultural Center of the Republic " The Cabildo" , Morselli Daisy ADVISORY COMMITTEE a) the Vice-president of the Republic of Paraguay Dr. Frank Federico. b) The President of the Commission of Culture, Educ., Culto and Dep. of the Senate; c) The President of the Commission of Educ., Culture, and Cult of the House of Representatives; d) a representative of each Ministry of the Executive authority: Luis Alberto Riart, Minister of Education and Culture. Hctor Lacognata, Minister of Outer Relations. Palm and 14 of May? Rafael Filizzola, Gustavo Laterza (representing) Minister of the Interior. Hope Martinez, Minister of Public Health and Social welfare. Dionisio Embroiders, Minister of Property. Enzo Cardozo, Minister of Agriculture and Cattle ranch. Public Work minister and Communications. Luis Bareiro Spaini, Minister of National defense. Humberto Blasco Minister of Justice yTrabajo. Francisco Jose Rivas, Minister of Industry and Commerce. See Journal of the American Medical Association for more details and insights. e) the holders of the following Secretariats of the Presidency of the Republic: National secretariat of Culture, Ticio Escobar. Secretariat of Ambiente (SEAM), Oscar Rivas. National secretariat of Turismo (SENATUR), Liz Cramer. Secretariat of the Woman, Gloria Rubn. f) the holder of the Viceministry of Youth, Karina Rodriguez. g) the Director of the National Institute of the Native. INDI h) the Intendant of Asuncio’n; Troche gospeller de Galician. i) the Chief of a main directorate of the Cultural Center of the Republic " The Cabildo" ; Morselli daisy. j) a representative of the Association of Municipal Meetings; k) a representative of the Pya Organization. of Cooperation Intermunicipal; Basilio Nuez (OPACI) I) a representative of the Departmental Governments; Carlos Yellow Alberto (Gob.Central) m) a representative of the Armed Forces of the Nation; Rear admiral Cibar Bentez.

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