Buying Rings

Increasingly, couples are buying rings from stainless steel, a durable as platinum and titanium, and polishing it – more high quality than the latter. Silver, copper, brass and other cheaper metals are not used often because they are exposed over time corrosion and thus can not represent permanence. Aluminium or poisonous metals are not used ever. Contrary to popular legend, titanium rings can be easily removed with a special jeweler’s tools and clamp for opening the rings. Styles and fashion trends Judean wedding ring from the 14th century. Smooth golden ring – the most popular model. People associated with medicine, often wear these rings as they are easy to clean. Women are usually are narrow rings, men – more than ample. In France and French-speaking countries, the most common ring consisting of three rings intertwined. They symbolize the Christian virtues: faith, hope, love, where “love” equates to a special type of sublime love the beautiful, denoted by the ancient Greek word agape. However, such rings are used less frequently because they fall on each other. Women in Greece, Italy and Anatolian cultures sometimes receive as a gift and are so-called ring-puzzle (puzzle rings) – a set of metal rings with mutual coupling, which must be connected so as to get one ring. Men give these rings as a clever test of their women’s monogamy, even if a woman is easy to cope with a puzzle, it still can not quickly remove and replace the ring. In North America and some European countries, many married women wear two rings on one finger: engagement ring and wedding band. Couples often purchase a set of two rings – the groom and bride to – where the design of rings complement each other. In addition, some women who are married for many years, have three rings on his finger (from the palm to the tip of a finger): a wedding ring, engagement ring and ring – a symbol of eternity. This combination of the three rings especially prevalent in the UK. In the U.S., increasing popularity of the tradition of making engraved on the rings. In the U.S., Canada and other English-speaking countries and among people of Irish descent became shotdanskogo popular Celtic style. The rings of this style distinguished by the presence of engraving or embossing the Celtic knot on the ring, symbolizing unity and continuity. Sometimes used in the design Claddagh, a symbol of fidelity.

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