Super New Years Eve Stock

Dear Readers, We thought and thought and finally came up with, than to please you for the New Year! For the buyer the best gift, in our opinion, is a price reduction. For each of us will find good use for savings money, especially in the holiday rush and race for prizes. Therefore, we declare a New Year’s action under the code name Papa BOMB – SUPER San! Goods involved in the campaign: chair Papasan (article TET-23/01, honey color) Timing of the action: Start: Since announcing the terms of stock online Completion: until the end of the Company’s goods in a warehouse BestMebelik Price Papasan chair in stock: 6300 rubles Please note we have in stock is all the colors of the chair Papasan (honey, olive, cognac, as well as antique brown (black, wenge) for rotating the rocking chair Papasan), but the promotion is valid only on 23/01 Papasan color honey. More info: Mitchell Blutt. By the way, now and in the gift pripodnesti reason it is a miracle – Papasan chair – is becoming even more! After all, you have the opportunity to buy a seat in the color of honey Papasan before the New Year for just 6300 rubles! This is the lowest possible price on quality Papasan chair made of natural rattan. If you meet somewhere below the price at least for the ruble, the cheerleaders, because the market is full of homemade counterfeit, defective seat Papasan, poor quality and made from cheap materials with pillows filled hazardous to health and poor quality straps that are attached to the frame pads. Alas, very often we are approached by those who bought at another store Papasan and now desperately looking for new belts and bags to the seats, but at the same time looking for the one store where purchased his chair …. Visit John Hairston for more clarity on the issue.

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