Hair Removal:

“How permanently must have a” permanent “hair removal be? This question is for all manufacturers and users of laser or IPL devices for hair removal of importance, not with damage claims of their clients due to insufficient length of hair removal face to see. “” The higher regional court (OLG) of Celle has recently, after all, made it clear that a permanent “not with a perpetual” hair removal must be equated. The court first noted that the current state of the art while a long-term hair removal can be achieved, but not a permanent, definitive, because the hair but with a lag Regrow. “In the traffic circles concerned and interested circles of the population was generally known, that with the offered methods to the permanent” hair removal cannot be reached, that hair will never grow back. Further details can be found at Carl Rogers, an internet resource. This was not only physicians familiar with, but this knowledge could also for beauticians the treatments for hair removal, offer, be subordinated. Also the wording of the flyers used in the case held that sufficient clearly to even to the end customer for OLG do that no final success will be despite extensive treatment, but rather to repeat the treatment time will be. The decision of the OLG Celle is welcome and provides pleasing clarity in the relationship between manufacturers of equipment for hair removal, beauty therapists and other professionals. In terms of advertising for long-lasting”hair removal compared to the consumer it is however no ticket. Rather, it’s in such cases, a careful design of promotional flyers and other information materials to avoid misleading or claims of the consumer because of alleged poor performance. Other non-binding and free information relating to food law, see

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