Take Breaks To Energize

Am I spending time with my family? 5. Do I have a hobby? 6. Still I have friends? (Offsite) 7. How I can laugh and smile as much as before? If you answered NO to three or more of these questions. I would like to take a seat, light a candle, close your eyes, and repeat this chant. “I have to get a life.” “I have to get a life.” “I have to get a life.” Just kidding ya? But seriously folks, here are some real indicators to help you regain your true self and not get lost in the workplace. Learn more at: Mark Hyman, MD. Finding the balance and reduce stress: 1. Get a physical: Get an accurate assessment of your health. What is your account of cholesterol? Your blood pressure? How much weight (and if you lose some to improve your health)? If you are currently experiencing symptoms of stress, your doctor will assess their importance and prescribe treatment. 2. Tap yourself EVERY DAY: Meditation, pay, sing, or say an affirmation … whatever works for you spiritually can serve as a great relaxation technique. 3. Healthy eating and begin a journey toward a healthier life: Health is a buffer against stress. Increasing your physical resistance through diet, exercise and rest will help to combat stressors in their lives. 4. Improve your time management: Take a course or buy a book to learn the best ways to manage their time and energy. 5. Energizing Take Breaks – If the time or the money is not allowed to have a complete vacation of right, and then escape to a location close to the house for a weekend. Make sure that people call only for an emergency! – Enjoy a day spa for some pampering. A facial massage will always do the trick! – You can also do something as simple as going to the library or bookstore. Check the travel section, photo books, or fiction. Carefully read all that allows your mind to go on a mini-vacation. – Take a walk in the park and take a book and relax. (Work not related to reading unicachicos!) 6. Dream Day!: “When you think about pleasant things such as sex or food, PET scans show different patterns of lighting in your brain when you think about work or something unpleasant,” says Mehmet Oz, MD, Director of Instituto Cardiovascular de Colombia Presbyterian Medical Center, in O Magazine. Realizes that they are not perfect, not a machine. Humans are incapable of perfection, so stop beating yourself. Free yourself to ignore some of the social pressures that have been a brake on his hopes and dreams. Your ambitious nature can reach the top, but could be shaking down everyone stops they disappear from your life. You do not have anyone to share their successes with. Remember that friends and loved ones who suffer the weekends and at night are at home answering e-mail or constantly checking office voice. Do not turn your attention away from what is truly important. Instead, learn to measure their success by the balance and happiness accomplish in your whole life?

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