The Advantages Of Being Independent

From school, we teach our society to study and learn all the subjects relating to school, but all this so simple, to get a secure job, good job, and a good salary, everything up there is perfect a good job but can satisfy all the facets of everyday life. Not the answer is a resounding NO, as yet there is a person who enjoys his work, and this because just working 12 hours a day a person owns his own life, should be governed under the schedule established by the company must subjected to unfair amount is given as wages, in some cases even to risk his own life compared to the stress caused by work-dependent. We work to enrich another person or persons giving away our time, our physical and psychological health. Even the most powerful companies have only small target to increase sales and all operating base of employees, increased working hours. Increase productivity and reduce costs, two important priorities of our time. Our working hours do not end when leaving the office, but inevitably spread to invade the family average person must work 6-7 hours a day to offer good performance, but this count towards unemployment. What can we do to support us without giving our lives to a job that only provides property managers, the only answer is to say: "I do not give more, it is time to become independent." It took several decades and an Industrial Revolution for workers around the world participate in what was once a major battle to ensure fair working conditions, but still we are not masters of our precious hours total per day. .

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