And for my friends boys and girls of secondary school age, has already purchased CDs with the film "Labyrinth." What about him to say? First of all tearfully beg interested not confuse it with numerous other "Labyrinth," which in fact would be "Pan's Labyrinth" (yeah, just for the kids, yeah), eccentric Indian dramas and Yugoslav detectives. Children's tale of the entire heap of similar films is the only joint Anglo-American pattern of release in 1986. Withdrew its director, Jim Henson – creator of the legendary characters of "Muppets" and "Sesame Street." Of course, once it is clear that without effective puppets in the film has not done. But in the beginning of the story. In the best tradition of fairy-tale begins with the fact that lived a little girl was Sarah and her stepmother (mother in the tale of this does not happen!). It's not that evil, but unpleasant: every weekend fun with dad ran off Sarah, leaving the girl (a young, charming and, as always, the talented Jennifer Connelly) to babysit a little brother Toby. So it was on this rainy day. Parents left, and Sarah stayed with her brother, a book about the kingdom of goblins and their spiritual leader Jared and favorite toys, including a collection of teddy bears. Well, kids – they are always kids. My brother yells for some reason does not want its not small summer in almost the same amount of say in the matter, but still bear Lancelot in his room kidnapped! No, this is absolutely impossible to live, think and Sarah, being a romantic young lady, and even point guard in the park scene from a favorite fairy tales, it becomes a theatrical pose and calls the king of goblins.

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