Willka Tata

His father from afar watched as their offspring start the path, as the had also undertaken when her mother and father made him make his first flight. Teaching him as you should put the wings to encourage currents of air that would enable it to reach great heights and achieve enormous distances. His father flew from the South of the land of fire to the region of the Caribs, whose sea was very bravo and they nested in the beings who ate alive to the runes that dared enter their seas and waters. The mother came out of the Gorge and shot to the vacuum, achieving stretch all its wings. Young stem ran after her and achievement also stretch their wings and feel as the wind pushed his body toward the most high in the firmament; I could see on her splendour to tata wilka, wanted to scream but they previously removed them voice not to offend to Willka Tata or mama Quilla, for they were those who woke to the more large apus so that they are in the life of the runes. Immediately to indications, it downed stronger wings and straightened his neck, in order to achieve more height. Did it twice more in vigorous form with all its strength and could be above his great apu yerupaja, where was your home in the bluffs more inaccessible, there beside the water that had turned into stone. There he was accompanied by tata willka and breast keel, was beautiful to see them on both sides and feel that later would be responsible for notifying the runes the coming of one and another, such as the did tata grandfather and later his tata taita. But this was long, if this happened, his father would be released from the apu, reunite its wings with its peak in your chest and risco down would be released that can revive the new Tata Willka kuntur and breast keel, was the eternal revival of the breed of guards sacred of great Apu Sapa Inka, the energy of your flight that the runes do not forget their peoples and have respect for their Nations. All runes looked at him when he was flying by their heads and lifted the hand as a sign of respect. I also look to the great cocha who snoozed and within which dwelled all sorts of creatures that liked the runes out of its bowels, especially those who lived in its vicinity. Continued flying circling by the more high from all the firmament where the great apu is wiracocha the creator of everything the kuntur view and the runes also. Felt excited that to see to the far not ended, and it seemed that his eyes could not determine the end of which they could see, nor nor would reach for to that end of the firmament, that had told him his father, that many kunturs would be required in order to reach, than anyone had done so by disturbing the great Willka Tata. It seemed that he was tiring, to see that their first flight, would not with that so gave signs his mother that he would return home. His mother said him that would follow it with your flight, together with his father and that they would now return home bringing you food. So he did it and return home happy and proud of having made its first flight. More info: Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui. blogspot. com/2010/03/el-primer-flight-el-condor. HTML

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