La Paz Centro

Erick decided to stay, and he found the woman of his suenos.Erick told us: a Estudie third and fourth year of high school here in La Paz Centro, the fifth study in Leon, but came to ask you to visit my girlfriend who is now my esposaa . Perhaps one reason why this young man decides to stay in La Paz Centro is by his wife, with whom he has married several years and have two children a boy and a mujercita.Ya know a little about life and family history of this talented young now read their beginnings as an artist and has achieved to be encuentra.Erick where today at the age of 14 years was baterillista of a group that was formed by his cousins of the Cortez family, played musicaa hip hop, told us that when his uncle had left presentations sometimes touching them and them was exciting to hear the applause of publico.Despues was to climb steps and work for seven years with the group strength, by which time he was 18 years old. a l thought that was it but then came proposals for the new company, macolla.Erick mokuanes and decided to accept the proposal mokuanes he was the one you convenient, almost meets the nine years of being with mokuanes. But even he wants to ask Erick mas.Le What do you like most about this holder art? His answer was: the affection of the people, visit other places and other countries. No obvious question What you do not like about all this? We answer: I do not like being out of the house away from my family, every parent likes to be with her children and her wife, who has suffered most is my oldest son because I have not spent much time with el.Amigo reader we present a note that we believe that it was not expected by you. .

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