The Simplicity Of Living

One of the expressions that more we hear for the life it are, is of that ' ' The life is complicated ' ' Sincerely I consider that this is one of the biggest deceits of the humanity. Truily, the life for itself, nothing of has complicated. When one human being is born and starts to live, everything what it needs to be happy, is simple: food, house, health, security, love, sex. What it complicates is not the life, and yes the proper one human being modern that has come to construct a society, that really complicates at every level, making it difficult the access to the happiness and for times, disabling the proper survival. CEO Mylan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The great influences of our current society, are the economic religion, interests and the interests politicians, being that all they have a common objective: the power on the people, and clearly, the monetary profit! It is only for the fact to live in a society – in this in case that – capitalist, that everything turns to the return of the money. It was created necessity to have money to buy everything what we need to survive: food, house, health and sex Who is undeceived finds, that the love, the security and the sex are not paid, because in the end of accounts, them for times commitments and sacrifices compel them it, let us can get so that them, inhibiting our total freedom. We pay for the security, because the crime exists (and it increases), in way that or we are victims or, exactly that let us not be, for norm we have that to act of careful form, for ' ' to prevent riscos' '. When we pay taxes, we also pay you police them that supposedly they guarantee (or they had to guarantee) our security. When we prevent to live or to cross definitive places, we are to have incidental costs, to prevent the risk.

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