Cottage Village

Growing interest in the cottage communities. Cottage housing market in Moscow is growing rapidly. Still would be in the suburbs you can buy housing, which is comparable with Moscow, and sometimes surpassing it. The level of Infrastructure cottage settlements are not inferior to the new districts of Moscow, and on transport accessibility – cottage villages near Moscow are identical with those areas of Moscow, where there is underground (Kurkino, Novokosino, Mitino). Market residential suburbs is not so rigidly divided between the developers, as the Moscow market. With each year, and, respectively, with each turn of real estate prices in Moscow, a growing number of buyers of real estate near Moscow, why prices are constantly rising, but not as sharply as in the Moscow real estate. Further increase in prices at Moscow real estate contribute to the following factors: This is the development of transport infrastructure and improving transport links with Moscow. This and the presence of favorable environmental conditions. And also, more enjoyable for the mass buyer prices, and leveling the differences between the standard of living in Moscow and Moscow region (with respect to Moscow benefits). Now it is safe to say that the volume of housing construction in Moscow suburbs exceeded. This is facilitated by the fact that in the Moscow region more broadly the types and categories of housing, no shortage areas, less load on the environment. But, unfortunately, housing in the suburbs have limited resources utilities Cities suburbs, and wide highways. In the medium term, is expected to align prices with Moscow, so that buying a home in the suburbs can be seen as a profitable investment. Also, housing in suburbs – is an opportunity to relax in a homelike environment and take a break from any problems. This holiday apartment in the city can not – it is hampered by shortages of water and electricity, problems with neighbors, and inadequate housing office work-s. Besides staying in a city apartment – is limited, like a cage, living space and a minimum of fresh air for the children.

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