Having Contact

After a rupture, sometimes you have asked yourself: " I must call ex-? " This is especially certain if the rupture were unexpected. If this it is the case, that, naturally, habra questions that you wish to respond and the sooner better. There are thoughts that swim around your head and that you is returning crazy. It is not possible to be stopped asking itself what made bad. You are perplex and you need to know the reason of the rupture. Before contacting with your ex- ones, it is necessary to pay attention to some things. First of all, you must maintain your emotions under control. It will never get to be a good idea to make a call to your ex- ones if you are angry. Showing to the wrath only defeats any opportunity to recover to your pair. More important still, there is a good probability that it can damage your relation beyond the repair. Then, what happens if when flames to your ex- ones, it/she does not respond and is necessary to leave a message? Here he is where it is fundamental to know what there is to say. Before entering the exact words that must use, we are going to speak of that it would not have to say. The first thing that you do not have to do is to ask. This would be something as well as: " Bill, please, please, llmame I want to fix to something with you immediately. ". This type of message does not work because the sound is desperate. The second thing that you do not have to do is to cause that the sound of the message is like a emergencia: " Betty is a emergencia please to give back the call to me as soon as he is posible.". Once again, this type of message does not produce the results that you wish, because it makes you seem desperate and without control.

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