Family Relationships Work

Time passes, the sex is becoming a routine and does not bring satisfaction and sexual gratification. The longer the couple together, the more it seems that the man is not engaged with you love, and work out change in plant Standing at the machine. Two minutes on foreplay, three on the process itself, even a couple of minutes and you hear snoring. Sex becomes routine and responsibility. If you think it will be found the mass of excuses for such behavior – and he tired and you're tired, tomorrow at work. And in general, so many years together, and always the same – tired! Imagine the most likely got sick of it not just you. Click Margaret and Richard Riney to learn more. Think it is time to accuse her husband of all mortal – Never! This is and your wine. Make a new impetus to your sexual relationship. However paradoxical it may sound, but more intimate relationship with your husband is completely dependent on you. This may sound corny, but you most need to radiate sex Your eyes should sparkle and radiate desire. Who said that foreplay should begin in the bedroom? Down with the conditioned reflex of "bed-dark-sex". Fueled by its love-longing slowly – hints! Demonstrate the most the best thing that you have – casually slipped the shoulder strap, a pretty furrow in the neck, lack of underwear under the outerwear – this is certainly a classic of the genre, but it works! You can cuddle up to a man breasts, though accidentally, hurt his hip – all good. Whisper in his ear "I want you" in a completely inappropriate place for sex. Turn on the erotic film and poeksperementiruyte or repeat what is happening on the screen. Flirt. Sexual interest must be maintained. After all, sex ends up in bed, and starts with the look and touch – must burn your eyes and wish for. Not complex. No need to worry that in this position you look is not enough gracefully, or that a transparent negligee does not hide the extra pounds. It is currently concerned only with you, because otherwise you just would not engage in sex. Do not get distracted. Throw away from the head of unwashed dishes, and problems at work. This everything can wait, better focus on their feelings. Talk. Do not be afraid to send a partner and talk about their secret sexual fantasies. Words can bring even more touching, and it is worth use. Laugh. For some reason, many believe that the joke during sex – is close to blasphemy. In fact, the atmosphere of grim seriousness – not the best atmosphere for sex. Attitude toward sex is easy and fun. Not Be selfish. In the end, you are not alone here. The main thing in a relationship, including sex – give everything without reserve, and then get over it thrice. Fantasize. Do not be afraid of their fantasies. They should be put into practice. Experiment. The only way you can discover new, previously unknown to you ways to get pleasure. Improvise. Listen to your desires. Release to the will of instinct and emotion. In the end, no one better than you do not know what you need. The most important thing! Forget about the rules! Just have sex and have fun. After all, for good sex is only one of these rules: no rules!

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