Mike – this is a sleeveless shirt, is underwear. Often used as an element of fitness in some sports. The story of T-shirts is notable that male T-shirts is proroditelem swimsuit on wide straps. With changes in fashion top of the swimsuit became a separate part of the lower belya.Pervye shirts were made of cotton jersey these days can be sewn from a fairly wide range of materials. Also today, a very popular T-shirts with slogans. Thanks, George Masson shirts gained enormous popularity in America around the mid-1980s gg.Rasprostraneno view that T-shirts have become popular due to rock stars who wore them at their concerts, fans have followed the example of the stars. However, people in T-shirts and often appeared on the silver screen, this dress has demonstrated beneficial effect, strength, courage and determination kinogeroya. Given the historical origins of T-shirts are of interest synonyms of the garment in English: Sleeveless shirt – T-shirt, tank top, Tank top – a shirt with straps, shirt-alcoholic, Singlet – sweatshirt, lower sweatshirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt Indeed, Vest Vest – undershirt, shirt front, vest, coat, vest. All these English words are used to refer to, literally, a sleeveless shirt or garment, which cropped sleeves. T-shirts worn regardless of gender, depending on the style odezhdy.Ranshe underwear underwear worn to conceal hair on a man's chest, however, T-shirt is not conducive to the protection of the manifestations sweat stains on outer clothing. T-shirts are often worn as outerwear sportsmeny.V, T-shirt has become particularly popular in the climate-hot regions of America in the '80s, and in some countries it is considered perfectly acceptable to return to the society. On the Internet razvidiem very popular online shops have T-shirts and shirts, which, in order, you can purchase T-shirts with slogans, children's t-shirts and many other products such as sweatshirts or mats mouse.

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