Football Season Is Comming

Many fans are eagerly looking forward to the next season of Major League Soccer. Hear from experts in the field like Pat Ogden for a more varied view. MLS, and the first match scheduled on the agenda is DC United at Colorado Rapids in Colorado at 3:30 pm ET. Each team within the league has made the necessary changes and arrangements to begin well and there are many good things for this season. Among the exciting changes that many hope is the recruitment of star players from abroad as is the case of David Beckham who was hired by the Galaxy as their new quarterback. For New York Red Bulls will finally have their home court in which to play after years and years of waiting. Their new stadium located in Cape May Street is scheduled to open in July 2008. For many wait two more years to have its own stadium is nothing compared with the long wait of six years to finally have a place to call home which will help the team raise their score in the league. Maybe some of the most significant procedures for equipment more competitive and make the sport more attractive is the telecast will happen this season along with a better receptivity on the part of the Latino community. The million-dollar investment will definitely bring benefits to the MLS. There is also a plan to implement a night of football on Thursday night. Other measures used are good references to the coaches. This season eleven of thirteen of the coaches have played for the MLS or have been coaching another team, what makes us think they are all professionals and well acquainted with the sport, a tactic to help raise the confidence of each team . The preseason games have been played on a knockout format to classify eight of the thirteen teams. This also helps coaches and players to identify many ways to play and gives them time to fully prepare for the regular season.

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