You said Full Moon? asked Dr. Nunes. Yes doctor answered Moura. Temo to be dealing with a creature of the evil said it cleaning the sweat of the forehead. I do not understand what it wants to say with this said Moura. The others, listened intent. It was not of saying bobagens. This that compadre Moura saw, really was not a ounce. He was one lobisomem But this is not possible! We never had this way complained Seplveda. It made movement as if it was to leave, but it seemed to give up in the way. Also never we had ounces said Zaqueu, that also did not seem to believe what it heard The subject was fantasioso excessively, but it did not have coherent explanation for the dead animals. This does not exist people! Vocs is malucos? said Chico, the owner of the sales. So far he had been quiet, but the text of to the last bothered it words. How they can find a thing of these possible? thought it. said Dr. Nunes seriously. He was the only one that it seemed to believe the existence of the such creatures fully. For me arrives! Vocs is all drunks, to start for doutorzinho! said Seplveda, when leaving the bar, swaying. respects Me Seplveda! Its comes back here splodges boots! said it arising itself. Cuspia to speech, and its face had corado. Calms man said Chico. Faamos the following one, gentlemen: We will go all for house today, and will think about the subject. Tomorrow we will congregate in them one more time and decide what to make said Dr. Naked with an authority that none another one had. The men had left the sales one by one, been silent and worried.

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