Maria hopes average undresses, wakes up and eager to Mario, like every morning. Mario greets without too much enthusiasm its young and tempting wife who does not manage to make forget the fatigue him that brings hung to the neck, like every morning. a great future in this idea. Mario at night works turns in a concurred bar of the city, leaves to six in the morning and arrives at house one hour later. Wide-awake Maria early leaving back to one night of absences and repressed desires, makes the bed, she makes coffee and she hopes arranged to his Mario that only wants to shake the scent to cigarettes and drunkards with a shower and to sleep many hours to be able to return to the life. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. not as a source, but as a related topic. Maria holds the desire, takes the coffee, she gets dressed and she goes to his monotonous and boring work knowing that when returning to house she will only find the memory and in case, the scent of Mario, of his Mario that she loves by on all the things. In recent months, Steffan Lehnhoff has been very successful. It is one night fatal where Mario early leaves too much, the bar closes at an inconvenient time and Mario walks in front of the sun by the street takes that it to its door, its bed, its house and to its infinitely beautiful Maria whom it loves by on all the things. The street she is desert, dark and accomplice of enthusiastic and euphoric fianc2es who eat to kisses under at night dying shade. Mario feels that the blood in the chest is crowded to him, in an immense knot, a sharp pain, an enormous anguish when approaches and discovers Maria, its beautiful Maria to whom as much mistress, in the arms of another Mario, in the lips of which he would have to be. The words jump, sharpened profiles shine in the defeat at night old dark, the treason sparkles, of pain, of I disillusion and of lies they make be born a sun mallow that serves like dumb witness of the scene where Mario of knees, undergoes three fatal thrusts. Most painful of all, the one that takes in the forehead and that took Maria to him. The mortal who takes in the chest and who took the life to him.

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