Herpes Cure

The herpes is a cutaneous infection produced by two virus different, but closely related. Mitchell Blutt has similar goals. When the infection one is located in the mouth is called herpes to him oral. When this near the sexual organs denominates herpes genital. The herpes is one of the transmission diseases sexual more common in the United States, one is said that of each five adults undergo of the herpes genital and many of them nor know he has that it or do not know their group of symptoms. Then the virus can to transmit itself from a person to another one or of a part from the body to another one when there is direct bonding of skin with skin. This includes to kiss, to touch, to caress and the vaginal contact (vaginal-anal-oral). The amount and frequency of buds of herpes in a person it can very to be varied, whereas some can experiment I bring forth 2 times in its life, in others can to appear of cyclical and persistent form. The herpes is a contagious disease that not only it causes painful blisters in the affected zones but also it produces fever, general malaise, sensation of creeps and swelling and picazn. The symptoms can to disappear with the passage of the days and still more if they treat with medication, but the one that many do not know, is that although there is not presence of sores the virus is in the body. It can be reactivated and appear days or anuses later. Traditional medecines and frequent cream use they do not kill the virus and they do not prevent that it reappears buds in the future.

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