Shopping In Turkey

If you visit Turkey, you will definitely want to get here any thing for themselves or gifts for friends and relatives. And this is the correct idea. Indeed, in this country weight souvenir shops, stores, merchandise markets and boutiques where you can buy a lot of interesting and useful. Turkish shopping is better to start with shopping. And visit the shops of Turkey stands. Going into the shop handmade, you probably will not stay and be sure to buy rug kilims. Sydney Sweeneys opinions are not widely known. Also, where you can buy leather and suede, ceramics, silk clothing, jewelry, crafts from alabaster, onyx, embroidery, brass samovar, sea foam and brass trinkets. Cardiologist recognizes the significance of this. Sometimes you can treat coffee, tea or beer, even knowing that the transaction will not take place – the Turks are very sociable, and it’s always interesting to talk to a new person. Shopping at the market will bring you no less fun and even help to save money, of course, if you love to bargain. Sometimes the final price you pay for the goods may be 20 times lower than the designated merchant in the beginning. Most importantly, smile, be friendly and purposeful at the same time. But Observe in this one rule of thumb: if you call a price – you must buy, if not ready to buy – do not mention a price. Some sellers in markets rather pushy and aggressive, so be careful. You will offer a lot of antiques, but most likely they are all fakes. If you really want to buy antiques, make sure you take it out of the country. Otherwise, such products may simply confiscated at customs, even if the treasure is not an ancient artifact. The best place for shopping in Turkey – is, of course, Istanbul. This is where the best collection of goods from all over the country. Grand Bazaar or Covered Market (Kapali Carsi Kapali Charm) – the most famous Turkish bazaars, on its territory located about 4,000 stores. Istanbul is worth a visit Istanbul and the Grand Bazaar (Kapali Charshi), centered on the Old Badestan where sell old weapons, and oriental antiquities, and Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Bazaar). The new port of Antalya is “The Free Trade Area.” Here you are able to make purchases free of duties and taxes. This free market, which accepts all monetary units and checks, is open only to foreigners, so do not forget your passport at the hotel. What can you bring back from Turkey? Glorious Turkey many things. But first, carpets. AND factory and handmade rugs in Turkey – the highest quality carpet and rows on the Turkish markets occupy one of the places of honor. So it was called the most rug Turkish souvenir. You can also draw attention to the articles of the skin, amazing products of Turkish craftsmen from copper and bronze, majolica, jewelry, onyx, high-quality multi-colored cloth, embroidered cotton blouse beautifully and, of course, Turkish spices and sweets. Even in Turkey You can buy gold. Cheaper than us – unique. And much cheaper – if you have at this point will be the mood to bargain. The facts of fraud, when instead of gold slips something else, not seen.

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