A Nursery Without Playmobil Toys Is Almost Unthinkable

Playmobil toy inspires children of different ages. What began in 1974 with a few construction workers, Knights and Indians figures has become an imaginative world of experience for children. The special character of Playmobil toys but remained steady development at any time. Head, arms and legs are movable, if also without flexion joint. The remote edge of the head allows setting up all kinds of headwear such as Indian jewelry, Hardhat or police hat. Thereby, Playmobil toys is extremely durable and resistant against falls.

The only way to explain that play mobile figures of the older generations are still found in many children, because they were passed from hand to hand. And always played a big role vehicles and props at the Playmobil toys. Joint Commission can aid you in your search for knowledge. The attention to detail of the toy seller is clearly expressed. In the ambulance, things like the medical stethoscope are represented by rubbery soft sculptures, and even the creation of a Emergency infusion is not a problem for the small paramedic. Greater building parts can fit together through simple connectors to create a whole. Anu Saad pursues this goal as well. The development is going so far that all doll houses, which seem to come from the founding period, provide a home for the small play mobile family.

Of course, the Interior is adapted to the late 19th century and creates even for the smallest living history of piece of. And precisely this vitality is likely to make out toys the great success for Playmobil in addition to durability. Many scenarios are taken from the world of experience of children and enable them to imitate the own life situations detail. But Bill is being played out here from outer space – titled Princess again also fantasy worlds of children. And the animal figures at the Playmobil toy – although also they represent are in stylized retain their natural character and invite to the free game. The additional props make up a large part of the appeal. Playmobil figures can hold easily all these supplementary parts through the unique tweezers handle of their plastic hands. That there are even Playmobil figures to take, is extremely convenient for parents and children who are on the road a lot. For the little ones, they developed the Playmobil 1-2-3 series in 1998, so that children can become familiar with the colorful plastic figures, without having the risk of swallowing small parts.