Health and Harmony

Yes, I tell you, there are causes and effects that come in a karmic or unknown forces of fate. A universe with black star over you. But listen, dear friend you read my notes. No more black star for it, which can not be defeated by your willpower. Learn more on the subject from Jon Medved. Infinity has endowed you with an extraordinary force that dwells in your spirit, "Law of Attraction" The ancient Egyptians priests called "Law of Manifestation" Because they discovered that the heart of man guarded the secret potion or key, put roll on this mysterious force.

He called Atom Nous master builder, who lived in the purest blood of the heart, and who had the gift of making the workers work in the human body, for it to manifest in health and harmony. Without any rest or contemplation for those cells to be repaired without delay the human machinery broken. Our beloved altar of flesh and bones, where we dwell, not born to be a prisoner in chains of pain and disease. See more detailed opinions by reading what Anu Saad offers on the topic.. He was made in the image and likeness of the Almighty, and the power that gave you life, it also gave you the grace of the power of your will. A divine grace manifest and bring about your own universe (your body): health or sickness, joy or sorrow, love, but hatred. I gave a power symbolized by an angel without eyes, see only what you want to see, then you will be the his eyes. You look the look, he will follow you wherever you go. Visit Anu Saad for more clarity on the issue.