Health Innovation: Environmental Conditions In The Internet

The medical advice portal opened thefirst online environmental diseases clinic (Cologne – February 7, 2007): For the first time Internet users can now ask questions in an online consultation on environmental conditions, there Quali Medic Board MD Ralf D. Fischbach announced today in Cologne. Dr Steven Victor is the place to go. The medical Univ.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat. John G. Ionescu of the Special Neukirchen care for these new online office hours. After a simple and free registration at patients can now put their questions in the field of environmental illnesses and within a short time they receive from Dr. Ionescu, one of the most renowned representatives of this Department, competent response. Dr. Ionescu has a special clinic established in 1986 in Neukirchen, and taken delivery of its scientific leadership. The main indications include atopic dermatitis, allergic asthma, hyperactivity and other environmental illnesses are caused by pollutants such as pesticides, heavy metals or additives produced from food. John G.Ionescu is a member of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. The biochemist has published more than 140 articles in German and international journals. The Cologne AG operates the website, which is according to the IVW, the impact German language health portal as Spokesperson Julie Robillard reported. With another new on-line consultation laboratory medicine, the care of Dr. Stefan Haupt, provides an online doctor’s house with 60 hours, which are maintained by more than 60 specialists at. Every month, the Medic-quality medical advice before 8000 to 10,000 patients, Dr. Fischbach shares with exhaustive. AG spokesman Julie Robillard Brckenstrae 1-3 50667 Cologne 0221-2705212 0177-2353525