The truth is that nostalgia invades the media today. Each day there are new iPhone applications that allow us to take pictures as if we had one roll, with muted colors and effects polaroid cameras. And also see how the classic games that ever appeared to be the landmark of modernity, such as Pacman, are remembered and celebrated by the companies that today compete to have the game with better graphics and multidimensional. The same applies to the world of comics. The desire to relive past eras is a business opportunity for all those who know how to take advantage of them, so production Hollywood film companies, new companies that dedicated to developing applications for the iPhone and other mobile platforms, the great empires of video games and online casinos, and of course, fashion designers, used this nostalgia to manufacture merchandise that all those who have that feeling of Miss the past will be willing to buy. Created in the 1960s, the Classic Marvel characters seem to be immortal: Hulk, man green dating from 1962, already has been portrayed twice on the big screen only in recent years.

The same happens with the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man: saga seems to have no end. Thus we saw in the last Comic-Con in San Diego: all Hollywood stars want a piece of cake. The truth is, sometimes the present gives us interesting versions of the past, and although on many occasions some see with horror how the superhero of childhood becomes an item of sale, sometimes the character is portrayed in an interesting way, as Heath Ledger’s Joker, delivering a new reading and adding complexity to what perhaps in our childhood only was a war between the good and the bad. Original author and source of the article