Mixed Families

The survey of 30 women born in the cis countries and break off relations with her husband, Dutch, conducted editor portal EuroHarmonia, it was found that a major causes of family disintegration. According to the Russian-speaking girls are: – otstutstvie sense of humor with a partner – the lack of shared interests – the inability (unwillingness) to work jointly on the house – the lack of emotional intimacy – lack intimitet – difficulties with her husband's family – lack of understanding with children from first marriage, her husband – her husband's unwillingness to understand the problems of survival in a foreign country – assistance and support from her husband in matters of employment or training – national intransigence – Prejudice "all Russian – aggressors" – her husband's reluctance to approach the language and culture of his wife – her husband's conviction that the Russian-speaking wife has no argument and no doubt accept the rules of the new country of residence – husband's unwillingness to make a step forward in controversial or difficult to take matters – partner conviction that non-democratic country nothing can be good (ie, a priori, that the Netherlands in all respects better than Russia or the countries CIS) – the questions of aesthetics – health issues – not a serious attitude toward sex partner as a factor to strengthen the family – partner claims to freedom concerning the use of paid or internetovskimi sex services – partner attempts to resort to self-gratification rather than working together to improve intimate relationships. – The effect of autism (lack of), lack of availability of interest to his wife as a person. With regard to opinions about their Dutch partners unsuccessfully established relations with Russian brides, there were identified the following reasons: – escape the wife of the house for no apparent reason – poor mastery of the Dutch language – an inability to friend to "deep" (meaningful) conversation – excessive emotionality partner – excessive sex partner – too big claims from the girls side – effect wife behind her husband toward divorce. – unwillingness to "accept" an uncomfortable situation for women.

– Betrayal of his wife (with his compatriot). We have to admit that cheating husband was also named as the cause of divorce in one of thirty cases of the above. She was accompanied by betrayal, financial manipulations by the husband and meanness. We will hope that this – a special case, uncharacteristic of most mixed couples. In cases where a man was our compatriot, and the lady of his heart belonged to the suffering our local population, the cause of the collapse of relations has been called pragmatism wife's lack of romance, tenderness, intrigue, attention, too business-like approach to intimate relations. In most cases, the divorce took place at the initiative of women, leaving the Dutch men in disbelief: "How so? Still going well