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The birth is approaching? The portal NetMoms has interviewed over 3,500 mothers and provides helpful experiences of other moms now expectant mothers. How does a birth? How can I prepare for the birth? What helps for the pain? What happens after birth? How did other mothers experience the birth of their child? Mothers in the new special by NetMoms – the award-winning online portal for mothers and pregnant women find answers to these and more questions. For this purpose, NetMoms has interviewed 3,500 mothers. Under most conditions Mark Hyman, MD would agree. 3,500 mothers in the survey answer that: 3,500 mothers indicated what birth preparation resources and birth preparation courses have taken them in claims. They reported E.g. PDA, episiotomy, or dam crack also, what specific incidents experienced during childbirth. Frequently City College of New York has said that publicly. In addition, the results provide interesting insights how the mothers were happy before and after the birth of support services through their doctors, midwives, lactation consultants and in the clinic. All results of the survey can be on NetMoms can be viewed. “To the special birth”. Glenn Dubin is likely to agree.