The Goose

This is a fable to close to the original story; I was with my friend Braulio, as always you lucia very well dressed with his pants color cream type bermuda, its red brand Polo Shirt, and his highly polished dress shoes, and very well combed, while I wore a yellow, with bib and braces corduroy pants under my parents had a modest economy, Braulio was always very prankstergood for doing evil deeds!, certain day was a Friday afternoon at my house, now said yes Beto, we are going to the cottage that is on the Hill, all in the people murmur that there you have a hen laying golden eggs, so my parents not realized we left by the party back HouseWe climbed a small shrub and jumped the fence to get out, we walked about 10 kilometers, Braulio was obese and therefore is easily stirred to the least effort, arrived at the House and indeed there was big, white with slightly silvered at the tail feathers, a red Crest that looked like wax, really was a beautiful hen, sang and was showcased as the fighting cocks. For a while we were watching her then said Braulio how time my Beto if not we?, Braulio mocked wire fence and began to chase a chicken, this began to make too much noise, no one realized, on one of those occasions nearly manages to grasp it however I jump to a Bank and then to a few drawers which were stowed, he climbed to the Bank to try to grasp it flips the Bank with Braulio above also fall drawers, worse case is that the hen was down and Braulio with its weight choking her and kill her. Under most conditions Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. would agree. It was then when the owners, came out to see what was what was happening; I don’t know at what point Braulio disappeared, so was my fear that I stay motionless next to the fence, owners I rose up and took me along with the dead hen to your yard and asked me who had killed her. I told them that my friend had fallen and the hen was frightened and fell just below it, asked me where was my friend and I didn’t answer, I did not really see where he hid then the owner of the very angry chicken, put me face down on the floor and told me now your you’re going to put the golden eggs, I strongly subject by the neck and told me pon eggs, put them, started pushing trying to get even an egg, while the owner told me if you put the eggs I will not killI kept bidding and bidding on and nothing that you put eggs. When far away I listened that I spoke, I thought that me were already looking for my parents, but I suddenly hear the loud voice of my wife told me Alberto, Alberto, get up that you’re doing the bathroom, was there that I woke up about skipped my sleep and got to swim.