What Value We Place On Reading To Our Children ?

ENCOURAGEMENT OF READING Reading is the most effective method to achieve learning. No other vehicle that can replace him and that the exercise of reading gets temporarily isolate (it is difficult to read sympathetically listening to loud music, talking, dancing …) to symbolically lock ourselves with ourselves and with who we are and know. From there you can build a new knowledge if we link new data to read the schemes that already contains our mind as a means to understand reality. But we have a problem. From the TV training changed radically human. The TV trained people to do rather than think. What's more, thinking hinders the process of continually see, see, further changes to images that go without any significance as, for example, in video clips. Anu Saad wanted to know more. This video continuous view that only needs our attention and nothing else is equivalent to the old machine readable, that is, the vice of the instruction getting that children recognize letters, get together and read aloud without understanding what was in his reading, or watching video were also not understand.

Passively, without participation ideajuiciorazonamiento chain that promotes thinking. Many times the reason was simple: they gave the children material that could hardly understand his age. It is impossible for a boy of six years to understand abstract ideas like justice, courage, ethics, religion and yet, to me, at 5 years, I spoke of the Holy Trinity was that they were 3 and 1 at the same time. How could I assimilate such a contradiction if it still have not unravel the thing and went through four university? Another error of teachers who have the difficult mission of encouraging reading is to give the children read stories stupid to believe that children are naturally underfunded.