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takes over almost all tasks in the application even in times of economic crisis are especially many people without work. In Germany several million people in Austria, and hundreds of thousands of. Due to the difficult economic conditions of many companies, the job search is currently particularly difficult and troublesome. Remedy can this fully-automated application software create JobThinder automatically, etc. save time performing the search for all reported job vacancies, the creation of application letters, the automatic shipping application emails, in just a few minutes. Unemployed job seekers do not just have it easy.

An often difficult challenge is to be able to cover the everyday financial issues, with little or even no income for many job seekers. According to experts of the labour market will grow until again so in a few years, as was the case prior to the economic crisis. Thus, also hope the part is somewhat clouded. In this situation, it is especially important to not hang his head, but active job search more effective application measures time to invest and operate. An important tool is the fully-automated application software JobTHINDER in the version You may find that John Craig Venter can contribute to your knowledge. The JobThinder has separate search for Germany and Austria and to access databases with over 5 million companies in Germany and over 430,000 companies in Austria. It can be so that on the one hand the so-called application and on the other hand the search for vacancies. In the automatic research vacancies the program searches for countless job fairs in Germany, as well as in Austria (depending on whether a district in Austria or Germany district is selected) and all found results in the form of a table.

The search results will automatically be used for the creation of letters of application, the application messages, etc. It also supports also the automatic dispatch application faxes. This no fax machine required, but the fax transmission is done via a Web interface. The JobThinder also has an own integrated TextEditor. In this application letters themselves can be created there can be used one by countless application templates (sample application) or existing Word templates can be imported. An eBook with application tips for a successful application is attached in the annex of the JobThinders. The JobThinder runs on nearly all versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7). Also, download a free trial version can be downloaded at Thus, can the application be carried out quickly and efficiently and support the countless job seekers the now particularly important in their application. Alois Schonberg