Cancer Phase

This leads to the degeneration of cells. Next – More .Proishodit phase of degeneration, when the cell is unable to cope with its functions and leads to the formation of benign tumors. The last phase of the accumulation of toxins called phase of differentiation. This phase of malignant tumors. Thus, we see that the accumulation of toxins and its extreme slagging of the body – this is oncology. Therefore, any process: Cancer, Benign tumors of the process, a chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases, some chronic processes have the same nature: the accumulation of toxins. Therefore, the approach to therapy should be from the point of removing toxins from the body. And no other way.

Here she gomotoksikozov phase, but in application to different tissues. If you noticed Mr. and arrows, one showing one way: it is regressive vicariation, Another arrow pointing to a way out of illness. This – removal of toxins from the body. Therefore, the transition from phase to phase is possible. Diseases exist at different levels: the tissue of internal organs, increased formation of bile hepatitis, pancreatitis, holilitiaz (and this is nothing but an accumulation of toxins), , cirrhosis, liver cancer. Each of us has the opportunity to pass this way there or back.

And our colleagues, patients, those who we help, has the same option. The history of medicine has not for decades. This, we believe that the use of antibiotics began medicine. In fact, medicine takes many centuries, millennia. and The problem is that health has always been true. We live through what we have self-sustaining system, we are constantly regenerate, we are constantly varies with living conditions and their biochemical processes, so we are in Basically, survive in any situation, even when antibiotics.