The totality of these abilities is revealed in detail and detailed study of successful precedents activities and was named “social intelligence personality.” It is the realization of their abilities of social intelligence provides a holistic system approach to man, ensuring success in life and activities to be more reliable than the more they are developed and used in the application. Is it possible to develop the capacity of social intelligence? With some degree of regret can be witness the fact that at present directed the development of social intelligence of the individual, at least in Russia, very few people involved. And even the perspective of this issue is discussed only in the circles few specialists. Gina Ross is actively involved in the matter. The result of this unjust silencing is that a significant number of people are not able to understand myself, can not be defined with their desires and goals, not see the point in the manifestation of the will, have difficulty in making decisions, are not prepared to understand other people and to the efficient organization of interaction, even from their families. In turn, all this is the reason for emergence of numerous conflicts, frustrations and feeling of meaninglessness of life.

Many people stopped believing in themselves and in their success, which is a real tragedy for the state and society in general. Inarticulate collective image of “successful” heroes of television and movie screen makes the final confusion in the mind first of all young people – those on the components of personal success of which depends the welfare and success of the country as a whole. However, I dare say that the situation is not so pessimistic. Develop their own capacity of social intelligence can each. It is quite feasible, and depends solely on the desire of the people. In this case, we can recommend the use of the following very specific steps: start with the search for relevant information currently available information it is not difficult. Explore, observe, experiment – to develop the abilities of social intelligence of its own. Your life, as well as your success will depend largely on your own, you are a basic tool in their life. You able to do his own self-education and can become for yourself a teacher and psychologist, and ceo. You now have to do all the bare essentials. No doubt, with due diligence all you get.