Dynamics And Guilt

It has who says that already we are born guilty. In the optics of the existential autogerenciamento, however, the guilt feeling results of an education that prioritizes the punishment. The parameters of certain wrong are established. in them we become culprits when we violate what he was determined as correct.

Moreover, the only form of somebody to redeem itself of its errors is through the punishment. The autopunio degree will be determined by the way as each person understands its proper errors. Thus, for the existential autogerenciamento, two elements exist importantssimos that they act in the construction and the dynamics of the guilt feeling. They are: the familiar education and the individual way to deal with the proper errors. Initially, we will detach the importance of the familiar education in the formation of the guilt feeling. The child comes to the world without condition none to take care of of same itself, is a being total dependent, needs somebody until she reaches the development that allows independence it.

The family fits, then, the responsibility to take care of and to teach it, while it grows. For this, if she uses of the resource of the punishment as form to reach its educational objectives. Unhappyly, many families make use of the way punishment irrational, ignoring the rights of the child, submitting it a situation where the authoritarianism, the cruelty and the lack of love prevail. the parents, influenced perhaps for the way as they had been servant, do not obtain to perceive that they are passing to the children males that proper they had suffered. The respect lack would pancadaria, it, the practised humilhao and the injustice in the familiar seio compromises the human development.