Iodine Deficiency Disorders

Duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease. The effectiveness of "YantarYod" when, of this kind, caused by lesions of the mucous membranes of the natural anti-bacterial (the ability to destroy pathogenic bacteria) properties of iodine, plus the property of amylose and amylopectin, are members of the high-polymer-based drugs, to form a protective film and prevent the ingress, the affected skin surface or mucous membrane, a new infection. Thus, accelerated the healing process of tissues, significantly reduced the risk of inflammation and suppuration. These same qualities, "YantarYod" explains the effectiveness of its use in the treatment of abrasions, scratches, wounds, postoperative sutures, and burns. In such cases, we must treat the wound surface, "YantarYod" in its pure form, if necessary, apply a sterile bandage.

To speed up the healing postoperative sutures applied compresses with "YantarYod." It should be noted that such treatment of wounds is very pleasant and active children who, because of their mobility, often injured and the parents who have these treat injuries, listening to their children cry, wiping her tears (and not just the injured child) and blowing on the wound. The fact that "YantarYod" – is an aqueous solution of iodine, which means he is, by definition, can not call those of pain, that cause the traditional "Zelenka" or an alcoholic solution of iodine, just because of the presence of alcohol. However, the bactericidal properties of a "YantarYod" no less. "YantarYod" in gynecology. In case of violation of the menstrual cycle, painful, heavy periods, early menopause (if you still have your period, but it disrupted the periodicity, there were other symptoms are harbingers): accept "YantarYod" inside, as recommended for the prevention of Iodine Deficiency Disorders.