Mende Party

Chaos days in the SPD to prove incompetence policy! In their current state, the SPD is not a serious conversation partner explains Axel Mende, Dachauer direct candidate of the party of the left. for the Landtag of Bavaria. Departs Kurt Becks and the return to Muntefering, the formerly socialist SPD returns again on the beaten of the agenda policy of social and democracy robbery. Thus all speculation about possible cooperation of the left can be done with the SPD. Because cooperation is now out of the question for us, as the party of social justice, peace and more democracy. Especially as the SPD’s intra-party democracy capacity in doubt arge, if new coup-like personnel changes in leadership are possible in the monthly rhythm.

What morning to announce that party can be, can be at noon already a cause of exclusion. This is a Schroder policy as people know and love. One for the people of Bavaria and in all over Germany is reliable, transparent and sustainable policy not to make such a party. Certainly not the policy change sought by us. Bayern needs a real opposition, which gives the interests of the Bavarian people also in the Parliament hearing. THE LEFT. has offered so far – as only the prospective parties to the Landtag – the CSU as a coalition partner. Ministerial posts can negotiate the others.

We want to make socially just Bavaria and that we can currently best from the opposition. Not only the SPD will get for their behavior on Sept. 28 the receipt. The bruised voters will make.” V.i.S.d.P.