Stages Of Mastering A Foreign Language

In the study of foreign languages distinguish two main stages – it's passive and active. During passive learning central role giving recognition. This involuntary work of memory. And with the active knowledge – it is fast recollection. It seeks information in memory, this process is more costly in time and forces. The passive stage, you already know and understand about what is being said and what is written in front of you, you are familiar with the sounds and structure of words. On the second stage, you already start the active phase: speak, write and even think in that foreign language learning. Nancy-Ann_DeParle often expresses his thoughts on the topic. You, being a receiver becomes a transmitter.

Ease during the conversation can only be achieved one method – is a consistent pattern of conversation in that language. If you lean the need to apply foreign language, you create yourself an impression that you do not need this skill, and you forfeit it. The method of study language depends more of its loss. To someone who already has a great foundation for understanding and recognition of language skills can easily come back when you get back in his entourage. Without knowledge of the theory and formalities, your recollection of the language will more difficult and complex. The most important role is played here, if not strange, emotions: conversations and friendships with foreigners will increase your motivation and create an incentive to learn this language. The type and processing method information memorized by us, the extent of holding it in our memory.