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Advice of their veterinarian online for cats on childbirth One of the moments in the life of the cats that more anxiety causes to its owners are the one of the childbirth. First of all, it is necessary to recommend to castrate the cats to avoid the fervor and the reproduction nonwished. But what one looks for is to obtain the descendants of the animal, there are some advice of its veterinarian online for cats here. First of all, it is necessary to clarify that the childbirth is a little while natural for the animal, reason why the nervousness and the anxiety on the part of the owners can get to be very counter-productive. It remembers that at first the cats domestic servants, have a wild origin, reason why they have well kept in his DNA all the directives necessary to take a happy childbirth ahead. It consults with his veterinarian, who by means of some routine examinations, will be able to determine the health of the mother and the babies. Taking a plate from X-rays it will be possible to know the number exact of puppies that the cat is hoping.

The normal thing is that the amount of young oscillates between 4 and 7. When they are expected more than five kittens, it is common that some does not survive. It remembers that the nature is wise and the same cat will leave of side those cats that do not have possibility sobrelife (for example with deformities or patients). No matter how hard it hurts to us agrees not to insist, since the sobrelife of the ill puppies is practically null. The reason of this is that the maternal lactancia is what the health of the young will guarantee. When ignoring to the ill cats, the cat would not caress nor will maintain them its hygiene as thus it would not feed them either, which will determine the death of these young. We must remember that in the form in which the nature selects the most apt puppies, to guarantee the survival of the race.

The kind owner will be able to realize ahead of time when the cat is on the verge of giving light. It would be a good idea to try a calm site like a laundry or a corner outside the view of the visitors. Thus we will place some type of cardboard box or blanket that soon we pruned to reject so that the cat of a light exceeds she. Finally, the most important advice of his veterinarian online cats: he does not bother his cat while he is giving birth. All we want to share " the miracle of vida" with the children of the house. But the more people are present the more nervous will put the cat, which we do not want that she happens in order to obtain the simple and successful childbirth the more. Source: Note of Press sent by the cat in house.