Said Denon

But all this did not stop us, because it was the only place where we could find shelter! I was getting worse and worse, I lost much blood and could no longer stand on my feet – I was led by the hand. – I found a place to sleep! – Said Denon. It was almost a fallen giant spruce. We climbed under its branches, the soldiers had kindled a fire and made the flooring. Denon ordered that the three soldiers went to the guard, and we went to sleep. Fireplace slowly waning, gently snoring is one of the soldiers and the forest was dead silence, it seemed, though, and the animals left the forest. I was like that is alarming, but fatigue took her and I still fell asleep! – King of Dionysus, come along, it's time. I opened my eyes in front of me stood a slender, beautiful young girl! – Well, wake up now! She continued, smiling. She wore a light lavender dress, her dark hair swayed by a light puff of wind, and her eyes shone in the firelight somehow extraterrestrial light! – Who are you? – I asked. But the stranger just laughed and jumped out from under the spruce ran away. I jumped up and ran after her, but lost sight of her and so escaped already guess! Then I ran into the forest clearing where there was this girl and gave me a metal flask. – Drink! – She said meekly. I implicitly obeyed her, and drank some concoction that.

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