"The maid's body anoint thee Angelica various oils, and then told her to lie down on the couch and began to vigorously massage it, and then plucked her body all the hair. Angelica did not shock the procedure, because before when in all cities were the Roman baths with steam room, she observed, even among the people. Now, however, such care were awarded a girl of noble families. Even a light fuzz on his body great lady is indecent, "Anne and Serge Golon "Angelica" Oh, that hair. And yet we do not pleased. We are at the same time demand from our body thick hair on his head, and smooth skin on the body …. Let's talk about our burning desire – to remove unwanted hair. To start offers a glimpse into history. Shaving was brought to Europe by Alexander the Great in the III century BC. Greeks were the first to shave, then this custom is transmitted and the Romans. Hairs plucked and shave with the bronze and iron tools. Enlightened citizen of the ancient Indian city, according to the "Kama Sutra", the person must shave once every four days, "removal of hair in intimate places," he must make "every invariably five or ten days. " Canons of beauty and the Muslim East are ruled out whatever body hair, but, unlike the Latins and Indians, only to women. Each servo for a woman throughout the Middle East – in Syria, Lebanon and beyond – in Iraq, down to Georgia – in accordance with the requirements of Asia Minor to the exterior was removed every single hair from the body.

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